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Blunts, Joints and Mary Jane: Learn Acne triggers from marijuana use

Updated: May 14

If you are prone to acne, smoking marijuana may be the cause of your breakouts. I know there are a lot of scientific studies that bring up how it can affect your hormones and sebaceous activity but I'm not here to talk about that—let's focus on what we do know!

I want to discuss the external factors that can cause acne in people who smoke marijuana. we all love a good smoke but the medium on how you partake can make or break your skin. The most common way people smoke marijuana is through a joint or blunt. This is the worst way to smoke if you have acne because it can cause your skin to break out in a number of ways. First off, when you smoke a joint or blunt, your hands come into contact with your lips and mouth. This means that any bacteria on your hands will be transferred to the joint and onto your skin.

In addition, the resin and smoke from a joint or blunt can clog your pores and cause congestion around the mouth and lower cheeks.

What is resin from cannabis?

Cannabis resin is a sticky, high-value substance produced by the cannabis plant, primarily found

on the buds of unpollinated female flowers. It contains high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, contributing to its aroma and flavor. Cannabis resin is used to create various concentrates like shatter, wax, and batter. There are different types of cannabis resin, such as live resin and cured resin, with varying potency and composition based on the strain and extraction process.

Cannabis smoke and the effects to the skin?

Exposure to weed smoke can potentially have negative effects on the external skin, including the release of free radicals that may damage skin DNA, the presence of hydrocarbons with potential toxic effects, skin congestion and the possibility of skin discoloration. The impact of cannabis smoke on skin is still an area requiring further scientific research.

Resolutions for Cannabis intake.

If you’re concerned about the effects of cannabis on your skin, there are a few things you can do to minimize exposure. First, try to avoid smoking in enclosed spaces( no hot boxing 🤯)or around other people who may be sensitive to the smell. Second, consider using vaporizers instead of traditional pipes or bongs. The ones that are the most pure are live Rosin and Live Resin, check out Turn pods. Vaporizers heat marijuana to a temperature below combustion, which means that less smoke is produced and more THC is inhaled. Finally, if you do smoke cannabis and want to protect your skin from potential damage, consider using a DMK Act Mist, Hydrinity Hycin spray, wipe skin then apply a high-quality moisturizer after each session like Circaida Aquaporin,

or Noon Aesthetics Optimal moisturizer. If you do have acne currently please reach out and book a virtual consultation with Monique Deville for a customized consultation to help navigate your current skin issues.All of these products can be found on, for Noon Aesthetics and DMK please email to order.These will help replenish you barrier and keep your skin protect to partake.

Happy 4/20 and smoke responsibly.

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