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This is the order in how my client with acne-prone skin applies her products

The photo on the left was sent in from one of my clients who was looking to gain clarity on how she should be layering on her skincare products. Having acne prone skin means building a consistent regimen that your skin can tolerate, even if you aren't having breakouts at the moment.

Let's keep it simple, whether you have acne prone skin or not:





Sunscreen (If it’s A.M of course)

Some tips to add that may also help you depending on your specific skin issues:

  • Make sure your applying the right Serum for the right time of day. (there’s A.M and P.M Serums)

  • Some people benefit from a nightly double cleanse, which could be an oil cleanser used first, followed by a gentle cleanser.

With so many different "rules" and protocols, it's easy to get confused on the order in which you should be layering on your products. When doing a consultation with me, in-office or virtual I like to get an idea on the products you use and I like to guide my clients on products that are best suited for their skin while still staying within your budget and local offerings.

Your next question might be, what products are right for my skin? If you need assistance in figuring out what products are best for your skin, we highly recommend making a Virtual Consultation. In that consultation I can go through your diet, lifestyle, current product list and guide you to some solutions that can put you on your journey to clearer, healthy skin.

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