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The Power of Procell Micro-channeling®

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Procell Micro-channeling is a great procedure that we now offer at BOP. If you want to improve your look and ensure that you have healthy skin, then Pro-cell Micro-channeling can be a good option. This is a non-invasive procedure whose focus is to help your skin generate elastin and collagen naturally by stimulating slow-growing follicles. You can use Pro-cell Micro-channeling for hair loss, stretch marks, surgery scars, or acne scars. This procedure utilizes stem cell growth factor serums, which are cells collected from filtrated human bone marrow. This will help in diminishing the signs of aging, stimulate hair growth and improve acne scarring while improving the healing factor of your skin cells. After a few treatments like these, the skin’s appearance and texture are drastically improved.

Differences in both procedures

In micro-channeling, the device used is featuring microfilaments that stimulate the skin and creates microchannels to invigorate the skin while penetrating stem cell serums. Micro-needling is relying on small metal needles that prick the skin. Whenever the needles are pressed downwards, they start the wound healing process.

Micro-channeling vs micro-needling healing time

Both of them are very efficient, but the main difference is the healing time. Micro-channeling doesn't need to generate damage to the skin, therefore healing time is roughly 90 minutes. This means lower side effects and inflammation is reduced exponentially. Micro-needling recovery time can be weeks and can have heavier inflammation.

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