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June is Acne Awareness Month: Is fabric softener making your acne worst?

In honor of Acne Awareness Month, I wanted to spread awareness about a hidden culprit that could hurt your progress in the fight against acne; Fabric softener.

We all love how fabric softener, softens, reduces wrinkles, and gives our laundry that pleasant fresh scent, but with a large amount of additives and fragrances, it can become problematic for some.

There isn’t much research on how fabric softeners affect the skin. However, it wouldn’t hurt to find out if it is affecting you by either skipping fabric softener a few washes or using less; especially when washing your pillowcases.

Some alternatives to using fabric softener are air drying your clothes or using vinegar

during the rinse cycle while washing. However, if you MUST use fabric softener try using one without perfumes or dyes.

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